Our Current Projects

Educational School Material, Equipment, and Facilities

Supplying two local Christian schools in Kenya with books, teaching aids, sports equipment, and improved facilities such as wells, concrete classroom floors to cut down on dust, new classrooms, etc. Estimated total cost: NO limit. We have also launched our "Toonies for Teachers" initiative to help underwrite the cost of salaries and operational costs at our schools.

Clean Water Well Project

Provide a village of approximately 400 people and a major high school near Matunda, Kenya with an appropriate fresh, clean, and dependable water source by drilling a deep well system and providing the accompanying pump and water-tower. Estimated total cost: $18,000 Canadian/U.S.

Agricultural Training and Stewardship Project

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, with beautiful people, vast landscapes, biodiversity, minerals and so much more and yet it is the most poverty stricken. Agriculture in Africa is done to very poor standards with severe crop failure and the need for massive tonnages of grain to be imported to African shores every year. Crop failures can be largely attributed to drought and not adhering to the simplest of cropping practices. We believe that by transferring skills to farmers, they are quickly able to turn their farms into viable ventures, from which their families can be fed and profits can be made. Agriculture is an economic sector which has the ability to allow the poor to reach for and attain their God given potential, and this in turn allows the subsidiary sectors to be built upon this foundation. It is called Farming God's Way as it is the way FGW believes the church should be gearing itself towards doing things in His way, with His timing, to His standards of excellence, without wastage and with joy. Farming God’s Way incorporates the principles of management and environmental stewardship into the training, whilst achieving outstanding profitability. ICCI sent its first local leader and pastor to participate in the training this past November. Pastor Simon Wakhungu has now returned from training excited and anxious to start Farming God's Way. Training costs were covered by your generous donations. Read Pastor Wakhungu's report. 4. Publication and/or Distribution of Christian Material: This includes pamphlets, books, CDs, DVDs, etc. which propagate Christian teachings and/or contest non-Biblical teachings, doctrines, philosophies, theories, etc. If you can help us with any of our current projects, please visit our "Get Involved" page and kindly mark your donations accordingly. Our Completed Projects 1. Church-roof Project: To assist a Church in Kitale, Kenya with the construction of a roof on their building, and finishing up a portion of one wall which would allow them to actually close their building at night and be able to leave chairs, etc. therein. Currently this otherwise vibrant church ministry has to rent chairs weekly and can only meet when it is not raining. Estimated total cost: $1,500 Canadian/U.S. 2. Financial assistance: For the purchase of a vehicle for a church in Matunda, Kenya to use in visiting orphans, widows, and others, as well as to be used in the operations of a Christian school, and in the church's programs. The church is the House of Hope Church in Fafarol, Matunda, Kenya where Pastor Simon Wakhungu is in charge.
Rev. Simon and Chrysogon Godevenos with church vehicle. 3. The purchase of small lot: (50' X 100') adjacent to the House of Hope Church for future expansion to provide Sunday School rooms and fellowship space. The purchased lot behind the existing church. The two bldgs. would be removed by the owner before he vacates. 4. Provision of Teaching Materials & Aids: 4 large size plasticized posters on various topics including Good Habits, the Planets, etc. and 26 books) to each of two Christian schools in Kenya, as well as 1 new soccer ball to one of them. One of the schools is operated by the House of Hope church. See the pictures below. Helping school children through school materials. 5. Training and coaching of National Pastors: Three-day pastors' conference in Kenya. Pastors are provided with some tough answers to some straightforward questions. 6. Sports Equipment: Simple things like a real soccer ball are much appreciated. This sure beats playing with a ball made out of plastic bags and rags held together with string or elastics.